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Side Project: Witch Snake and the Bad Raps by LimeTH
Side Project: Witch Snake and the Bad Raps
SO! This has been on the back burner for quite a long time, and I figure now is high time to finally share it with the world.

Here's a quintet of new characters. All female, all animals.

Left to right

Rachel, Sasha, Vanessa, Beat and Princess Shelby.

Here's the LONG story of how they were created and who they are.

One day after looking at some designs of monster girls and reptile anthros on Tumblr, I got bored and doodled couple of my own. One, a meek snake lady (or Naga, if youre anal), stood out, so I drew her some more, figuring she'd be a fun character to experiment with.

And thus brought us Vanessa, the giant Snake in the middle. While she was initially created to be a bit meek, now she's completely friendly and outgoing. Too bad not many others like her, seeing she's a 9-foot snake. She is infamous amongst other animals, afraid she'll eat them. In truth, she's a vegetarian. 

Vanessa is also a witch doctor. While she herself can't conjure any magic, she can shapeshift with the help of special magic fruits she creates that transform her into whatever the fruit is made to turn her into, which was inspired by those transformations in video games like Banjo-Kazooie and Shantae.
The catch being, she needs to eat four at a time for a complete transformation, which given she's a snake, isn't hard to do, but she's also stuck that way for a week unless she can undo it somehow.

Then I decided the poor girl needed some friends, so keeping with the theme of animals usually depicted as evil or gross, I made a Spider lady, (or a Dryder, if youre anal). Sasha was actually going to be an enemy to Vanessa for a while until I decided to make them friends. She however kept some of her unscrupulous traits, such as being bitingly sarcastic and a huge flirt.

One day, my good pal :iconalanes: came to me with an idea for a third character, a Bat named Beatrice, or "Beat" for short, who wears glasses as sort of a joke on bats having Sonar and the phrase "blind as a bat". While the idea was his, the design and personality was all my doing. He liked mine better. 
Beat is a bit meek and bookish, and is generally the most logical of the three, but ends up getting dragged into escapades anyway since she's too afraid to really object.

:iconalanes: also suggested a good collective meta name for the three of them would be "The Bad Raps", because, since they're a snake, a spider and a bat, they have bad raps in the animal kingdom. I don't know if it'll be used in any actual canon, but it certainly saves me time typing out all their names.
Vanessa shares her magic fruits with the other two, which leads to many mishaps.

The next character, Rachel, was created based on the idea that if the traditionally "gross" and "evil" animals are the good guys, the antagonist would have to be a traditionally "cute" and "good" animal. So I made her a stuffy, hoity toity, bigoted rabbit who hates the Bad Raps because of their species, thinking they eat and torture other animals like her. 
She's not an out and out villain, though. She's more like Squidward. She's also in a position of power, which makes it easier for her to keep the Bad Raps out of the little community she lives in. She especially HATES Vanessa.

To give Rachel some authority, I made her the PA of a royal family, thus Princess Shelby was made.

Shelby is totally the opposite. She's an open minded sweetheart who finds the Bad Raps charming. However, she isn't passive. Shelby has a dry wit, is resentful being a princess and a heir, occasionally sneaks out to hang out with the Bad Raps, and likes pushing Rachel's buttons. 
Rachel, since she hates the Bad Raps so much, tries her damnedest to keep Shelby away from them, afraid they'll hurt her. Good thing she doesn't know what Shelby's been up to.

SO YEAH, if you've gotten this far, that sums up the characters and who they are.

I'm not altogether certain if they'll take off into a series, but they were so much fun to come up with that I couldn't just stop at one, and couldn't just stop at just the characters. There's much more to their world and many more characters.


Mat Lippiello
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Optimistically Pessimistic Webcomic-er. I do Matchu. You probably haven't heard of it, so that probably means I'm "Underground". Sweet!
You probably also may know me as the 'Chu and Kenny guy, or the Danbo Cubeecraft guy.

My Twitter:!/LimeTH
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Favorite Cartoon Character: Osaka.

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