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Activity now has a spooky Halloween themed layout! Check it out!

In other news, the deadline for guest comics has been extended to the 5th of November. Now anyone who was afraid they didn't have enough time have an extra week to work on guest comics.

Send any comics to my email at limeth(at)
We have statuses now? What is this Facebook?
Just another reminder that I've been taking guest comics to go on the Matchu website for the past month.

Guest comics should be finished before October 29th. 
Once the 100th comic has been posted on the website, the following weeks will be devoted to posting the best guest comics, or just guest comics in general depending on how many I get. The guest comics must feature the characters from Matchu, which is the only real rule I’m setting here.
Send them to my email at limeth(at)

Thanks, and looking forward to anything you guys come up with.
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Animal Crossing Pinball concept. by LimeTH
Animal Crossing Pinball concept.


I haven't submitted much lately and for that I apologize, but since I'm spreading this little idea around, I'll share it with you folks as well.

So the idea is basically putting the different objectives of Animal Crossing and putting them together into a pinball setting.

- Hit targets to spell out “V-I-L-L-A-G-E-R” to get a bonus.

- The inlanes and outlanes have lights that spel "DJ K.K." Light all of them for a bonus.

-Hitting the Gyroid pop bumpers to light up the Gyroid lights. Collecting all 5 gives a bonus. You have to hit the bumpers a certain number of times to dig up a gyroid, sort of like in "Monster Bash" where you have to hit the bumpers to dig up the Mummy.

-Similarly to “Bride of Pinbot”, there’s a cube that turns to reveal a new picture when you fill a certain objective. In this, you hit the ball into the door of Tom Nook’s shop, which upgrades it into a bigger shop. Doing so four times upgrades it to the biggest shop, and gives you a bonus.

-Also, there are targets in front of the shop. If you hit them, you’ll light up panels in front of the targets representing the tools from the game. Light up Shovel, Fishing Pole, Net, Axe, Slingshot and Watering Can, and get a bonus

-The Reset Center has a target under a little Mr. Resetti statue. Hit it and the manhole cover will open. Shoot the ball into the manhole cover and lock the ball. Do this three times, and the locked balls will come back out for Resetti Multiball. Hit the Resetti Target ten more times to get a jackpot.

-Shoot the ball into the door of the Museum five times, lighting up the Fossil, Fish, Bug, Painting and Coffee lights to get a bonus

-Shoot the Isabelle ramp to get into a raised upper Town Hall playfield, which is like a smaller pinball table within a bigger one. Hit the targets on the Mayor’s desk and Isabelle’s clipboard to complete Public Works Projects and Ordances. Completing them all gives you a bonus and a 2x point multiplier.

 -Behind the Tom Nook is a K.K. Slider statue that’s separated from the rest of the board and sometimes moves and sings depending on what’s happening. Completeing the museum, the Town Hall ordances/projects and spelling "DJ K.K." unlocks sub-Wizard Mode  “Saturday Night”, in which the K.K statue will sing one of his songs, and targets and bumpers now award five times the points. Keep the ball going until the end of his song to complete the mode and get a jackpot.

-Completing all the bonus objectives, "Resetti Multiball" and "Saturday Night", as well as getting 25 million points or more activates the Wizard Mode, “Fireworks Festival”. Every target in the game now gives ten times the points, and with each hit, the playfield lights up in different colors like fireworks are going off.


Loading... now has a spooky Halloween themed layout! Check it out!

In other news, the deadline for guest comics has been extended to the 5th of November. Now anyone who was afraid they didn't have enough time have an extra week to work on guest comics.

Send any comics to my email at limeth(at)


Mat Lippiello
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Optimistically Pessimistic Webcomic-er. I do Matchu. You probably haven't heard of it, so that probably means I'm "Underground". Sweet!
You probably also may know me as the 'Chu and Kenny guy, or the Danbo Cubeecraft guy.

My Twitter:!/LimeTH
My Tumblr:
My Pixiv:…
My Fourmspring:

Favorite Cartoon Character: Osaka.

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