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Peanuts PACs V2
"Sometimes I'm afraid to be happy, because whenever I get too happy, something bad always happens"

Continuing from the previous version here…

After a big Peanuts fix last year, I slowly made more and more of the supporting, minor, and obscure kids, and Snoopy's siblings over the last several months, and now I feel I've hit all the essentials along with some of my favorites of the obscures. 
A particular shout out to Eudora, who is absolutely hysterical and I wish she was utilized more. They totally should have brought her back in the movie.

Peanuts, Charlie Brown and Snoopy were created by Charles Schultz, one of my all time heroes.

INCLUDES (For tagging reasons)
Charlie Brown Snoopy Woodstock Linus Lucy Schroeder Sally
Peppermint Patty Marcie Franklin Pig Pen Violet Patty
Shermy Freida Eudora Rerun The Little Red Haired Girl Molly Volley
Belle Spike Andy Olaf Marbles Fifi
Winter Charlie Brown World War One Flying Ace Joe Cool 
Hey all! 
During the week I asked you fine folks for questions about Matchu, here are my answers!

If anyone didn't get a chance to ask over the week and want to ask now, I'll add in any new answers through the day if needed.

Alrighty, lets begin:

Ultimateportalmaster asks
How do you come up with these Crazy characters?! And why do some of them have such wonderful hair.

There's no one place these characters come from. Inspiration can come from anywhere after all. Matchu was originally made to be an author avatar, but I decided to make him his own character, now he isn't that much like me anymore.
Others are either inspired by other existing characters, were made for a role or to fill a specific niche, were one offs that I liked enough to expand on, were "adopted" from friends, or literally just popped into my head out of nowhere.
I do have a general rule of thumb not to make characters based off real people, or at least anyone I know personally. There's a lot of awkwardness that comes with that. I've only done it once, Amber, and she's since thankfully become her own character independent of who loosely inspired her.

And I just really like long hair. Both in real life and as a design element.


AlanES asks
So where do you see yourself and the comic in five more years?


Okay real answer.
It's hard to tell because I had such a different quote-unquote "vision" for what I wanted Matchu to be five years ago than what I want it to be now. My hope is to introduce more characters and stories and get sort of an ensemble cast going, and maybe some more ongoing plots beyond Space Cops.

And to, y'know, still be making it in five more years.


Konix asks
Do you think we'll ever see the expanded Matchuniverse outside of the glorious city of Town?

Remember these guys? Side Project: Witch Snake and the Bad Raps by LimeTH They live in a forest right past Town's border. I dunno if they'll ever actually appear in a Matchu comic, but it's still canon.

There will be some other places explored too. No spoilers or anything. Town is in the middle of nowhere, so we won't leave it too much. Besides, Town itself still needs to be more fleshed out first.


WarSerebii Asks
Are you secretly Batman?
Any storylines you've done for your comic your favorites, and which ones were hardest to do?


I think I had the most fun with Toy Raider. SURE, it'll be dated soon, but it did introduce a lot of neat shit, expanded on some things, and I got to do stuff I wasn't able to before. I also feel like that one came together as a story better than most of the other storylines.
The Gift of No Gab is another good one. Lots of good gags and Amber is just a blast to write for. Only thing that really held it back was working on the cake scene. It was kind of a slog for me to make and I assume for you guys to read week after week.

Space Cops stories seem to be the hardest to work on for various reasons. This current one, Cow Down, went through a ton of changes and rewrites before I settled on whats coming out now, along with some other BS that's making it difficult to work on.
If you want to know my least favorite storyline, probably the first one. I know introductions are the hardest part, but I still feel I could have pulled it off better than I did.


gx-9901 asks
My question is how many more characters do you plan to introduce in to the world?

A lot. Like a lot. Some I'm waiting a while before I introduce so I can flesh out who I already have then bring in some new faces when things need shaking up, others will be introduced sooner then later. The story after this current one is going to introduce some new faces I think you guys will really enjoy.


Ryoku750 asks
When did you first start drawing Matchu? Or comics in general?

Would you believe I've been drawing comics since grade school?
None of them were any good, of course. Matchu is the first time I've felt I've really hit my stride. It still needs work, but at least it's good.
As for when I started, the comic itself, of course, was in 2011, but Matchu was invented a few years prior. Maybe 2009? That's a guess.


MrSirBubbles asks
1. What made you come up with the idea to hide stuff? That's one of my most favourite things about your comics. I LOVE look and finds and will spend hours to find EVERYTHING. there is so much to find in your comics. I have had so much fun with it.

I've always loved hidden stuff like that. Like the Pizza Planet Truck or the snail from Adventure Time.
I started hiding Osaka from Azumanga Daioh as a little tribute to her and the influence her series had on me, then I got carried away and did some more, then some people noticed and actually started seeking them out. So I kept going and made a game of it.

There is a secret page on the website that details every hidden Osaka, but I'm not going to tell you how to find it, because then it wouldnt be a secret page anymore, now would it?

2. Where did you come up with the juice box seen with Amber and Matchu? that is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE part BESIDES all the parts with zuko kitty. I thought it was really well done. Plus I love juice boxes myself. Don't care if I'm an adult! They soooo gooooood!

Matchu's flashback came from wanting him and Amber to have a deeper connection than "she's hot, lets fugg".  So I thought, lets have it so Matchu HAS met her before, long ago, and she was the first person to ever show him any kindness, which makes him take to her.
I'm glad people liked it so much, since I do try to make sure Matchu doesn't look like an obsessed weirdo otherwise.


Kyleboy21 asks
Which of your characters do you deeply connect with the most?

Oof, that's a tough one.

Matchu or Amber depending on my mood, if I'm alone or with people, or what situation I'm in.

It's kinda hard to describe without getting all soul searchy and sharing personal things about myself (which a webcomic artist should NEVER DO), but definitely those two.



ALSO, to set the record straight once and for all, Amber wears thigh-high boots. Not stockings and sandals, but thigh-high boots.


Mat Lippiello
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Optimistically Pessimistic Webcomic-er. I do Matchu. You probably haven't heard of it, so that probably means I'm "Underground". Sweet!
You probably also may know me as the 'Chu and Kenny guy, or the Danbo Cubeecraft guy.

My Twitter:!/LimeTH
My Tumblr:
My Pixiv:…
My Fourmspring:

Favorite Cartoon Character: Osaka.



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