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In the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan
An evil being was devising a plan
This being was not a scientist, or a person at that
Why the schemer was but merely a cat.
Small and gray, with razor sharp jaws
His teeth were so sharp he had no use for claws
The new boss of the neighborhood cats, his plans were go
He had no name, and went by “the Kamineko”
The cat was so full of sadistic glee
And his primary target, the shy Sakaki
A girl who loved every cute thing she saw,
The evil cat had her eating out of his paw.
The Kamineko would act cute as a trap
And when Sakaki went to pet him, his jaws would then snap
He’d sink his teeth in the poor girl's hand
A daily routine that made him feel grand.
Day after day, the Kamineko did the same
He loved to bite her. He loved her pain.
Why did he do it? I’d tell you if I could
But it wasn’t long before the Kamineko was up to no good.
The former boss cat had left town
Leaving the Kamineko with the crown.
His first act as boss promised to be grand
As he had formulated the perfect plan.
He would gather cats as far as the eye could see
And gang them all up on his foe Sakaki.
At his command, the cat’s teeth would shower
This was truly to be the Kamineko’s finest hour.
The shy Sakaki and her young little friend
Were totally unaware that this might be the end.
Returning from an island trip, one thing on her mind
Was a new friend she had to leave behind.
After reading of an accident, a thought entered her head
”was it his mother that was struck dead?”
As she thought, she was unaware of the notion
That the Kamineko’s plan had been put into motion.
All his cat cronies would appear on the street,
And give the illusion that they’re friendly and sweet
But once their numbers became a crowd
Their anger would grow, and they would surround.
It was then Sakaki and her young friend knew,
that something was up as the numbers grew
The cats then made way for the star of the show
Their brilliant new leader, The Kamineko.
With everyone gathered up in his evil cat band
The Kamineko was ready, and gave the command.
Sakaki braced herself, as the cats began to thrash
but then something appeared before them, as quick as a flash.
It was a small brown cat, still only a child
But this cat was special, as it came from the wild.
The surprised Sakaki did not know what to say,
As her little island friend had come to save the day.
To find Sakaki, the island cat traveled far,
After his birth mother was struck by a car.
He stowed on a boat after the death of his mother
Knowing exactly where to find another.
The island cat stood before every cat in town
He started to growl and stared them all down
His battle aura glowed, his sharp teeth grit
It frightened all the cats out of their wit
The Kamineko backed down, shocked to find
All of his followers had left him behind.
He was outnumbered three to one
And had no other choice but to run.
Sakaki and her island friend
Had won the day in the end.
The friends reunited with one another
Had made Sakaki the cat’s new mother.
The Kamineko watched, feeling spoiled
Filled with rage as his plans were foiled
The island cat had ruined his plans
Taking an easy victory right out of his hands
He watched the newly named Mayaa reunite with Sakaki
It angered the cat to see them so happy.
He plotted revenge, hoping they’ll know
They’ll rue the day they beat the Kamineko
I got really really bored and wrote a bit of fanfiction. It's one of my favorite scenes from Azumanga Daioh put into poetic form. Hope you enjoy it.
koffeeman Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2009
This poem is awesome. I couldn't write good poetry if my life depended on it.
Dewflower Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2009
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