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A new article on the Matchu website that has nothing to do with Matchu!

Read it here:…

I let some of my character design nerdery out and talk about some characters with great character designs who got shackled with some truly terrible redesigns.
“On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.” - Satoru Iwata.
Yeah, y'know, what the title says.
From here on until I run out, new Matchu comics are finally going up on starting Wednesday. now has a holly jolly holiday layout!
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The Matchu website has finally made it to 100 comics!

In addition, today is the LAST DAY TO SUBMIT GUEST COMICS! Send them to my email at limeth(at) by the end of the day!

There's only one week left to submit any Matchu guest comics. 

Send any comics to my email at limeth(at) by November 5th. now has a spooky Halloween themed layout! Check it out!

In other news, the deadline for guest comics has been extended to the 5th of November. Now anyone who was afraid they didn't have enough time have an extra week to work on guest comics.

Send any comics to my email at limeth(at)

Just another reminder that I've been taking guest comics to go on the Matchu website for the past month.

Guest comics should be finished before October 29th. 
Once the 100th comic has been posted on the website, the following weeks will be devoted to posting the best guest comics, or just guest comics in general depending on how many I get. The guest comics must feature the characters from Matchu, which is the only real rule I’m setting here.
Send them to my email at limeth(at)

Thanks, and looking forward to anything you guys come up with.…

An update for the Matchu website. 
A new schedule
and a call for Guest Comics

Please read the post for more details.

Bumping this for the nighttime people.

Hello Kitty might not be a cat, but I can confirm today that Matchu IS indeed a.... a, uh... well, y'know, he's whatever.

Wanted to give a short update. 
I haven't submitted anything in a long time due to a combination of not really drawing anything worth submitting, and because I've lately been developing a case of Carpal Tunnel, which makes it harder to work on digital stuff. Thankfully, my efforts to rid it have been slowly working.

As for Matchu, the comic's reruns are still going on
However, my carpal tunnel has put a hamper on the production of new comics, which wasn't going very far to begin with.

But as to not leave this on a bad note, I HAVE been drawing, including some new concepts I've been brewing up for fun which I may share in the future.

Later Days.

The Matchu website just finished it’s second re-run storyline yesterday.

We’re now at 65 comics with 36 to go until the site is caught up with the archive on DeviantArt. 

Remember! When the re-runs stop, new comics will be posted exclusively on the website!

Alan Solivan, :iconalanes: who you may remember as Mr. OMA from Fireball20Xl, the man behind "The Rogues Gallery", "Author Space", and "The Fallout Shelter", former artist of "Fetch Quest" and "Samurai Pizza Cats: COLD", and a very good friend of mine, has fallen upon some hard financial times.

Since he's nose deep in commission orders, so many that he can't do an art drive, he's instead decided to put his recently resurrected Lets Play channel "Lameplay Theater" to good use, and started up a Patreon for it.…

Lameplay Theater has no shortage of episodes and games to watch, with games new and old, from "Ducktales" to the "Batman Arkham" series, and he's been kicking the Lets Play ball around long before Arin and Jon/Dan ever did.
Whether he's fumbling with the jumps in "Ice Climber", or doing a improv-heavy pro-wrestling commentator act with a buddy of his in his "One Piece: Pirate Warriors" playthroughs, I can guarantee that this guy will provide hours of entertainment, high quality gameplay footage, and will actually read the fucking hint boxes.

So please, help the guy out. If you have five dollars to spare, he'll personally thank you in a monthly video.

15 bucks and he'll give you a playlist of upcoming episodes

25 bucks and you can pick out what game he'll play next.

30 bucks? Commentate with him on a Lameplay

50 bucks and you can be co-commentator for an entire playthrough!

So help this guy out, if you can, HERE

And do enjoy his large stable of playthroughs at his YouTube channel, HERE

So you all must know by now about the new Matchu website

Like stated in that announcement comic, old strips will be re-run while new ones are made behind the scenes.
New Matchu comics will no longer be posted on Deviantart, but when new strips start running on the new site, I'll run previews for every new strip here on Deviantart.

Also, to help promote, I have made a Facebook Fanpage for the comic:…;

Check back at the website every Tuesday and Friday for the re-runs, and soon, new comics!
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Thanks for all the birthday wishes and gifts yesterday. Funny thing, though, my birthday is today. DA said it was yesterday for some reason! Heh!
Thanks again, though, everybody. Means a lot.
OKAY, so once again, the comic did a nosedive for half a year, and for that I'm sorry.

While it might be a while before comics start showing up again (but hopefully not a LONG time), I would like to establish that I'm not dead, and "Matchu" isn't dead. 

I'll make the excuses quick. Things have been busy, I just haven't had the motivation, and I've been working on other things like PACs, sketches, and homework/projects/other art. While I have still been making art, not a whole lot of it is "public internet gallery" material.
School stuff's been eating up a good chunk of my time, though my looser schedule this semester should lead to more time for comic making.

I have two finished comics on buffer and am currently updating the new models so that they're perfect, but also, some great news is that I'm also working on a Matchu website, where old comics will be re-posted, and then new ones will eventually follow.

So yeah, just letting you folks know what's up.
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It'll go up Friday. Stay tuned