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So you all must know by now about the new Matchu website

Like stated in that announcement comic, old strips will be re-run while new ones are made behind the scenes.
New Matchu comics will no longer be posted on Deviantart, but when new strips start running on the new site, I'll run previews for every new strip here on Deviantart.

Also, to help promote, I have made a Facebook Fanpage for the comic:…;

Check back at the website every Tuesday and Friday for the re-runs, and soon, new comics!
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Thanks for all the birthday wishes and gifts yesterday. Funny thing, though, my birthday is today. DA said it was yesterday for some reason! Heh!
Thanks again, though, everybody. Means a lot.
OKAY, so once again, the comic did a nosedive for half a year, and for that I'm sorry.

While it might be a while before comics start showing up again (but hopefully not a LONG time), I would like to establish that I'm not dead, and "Matchu" isn't dead. 

I'll make the excuses quick. Things have been busy, I just haven't had the motivation, and I've been working on other things like PACs, sketches, and homework/projects/other art. While I have still been making art, not a whole lot of it is "public internet gallery" material.
School stuff's been eating up a good chunk of my time, though my looser schedule this semester should lead to more time for comic making.

I have two finished comics on buffer and am currently updating the new models so that they're perfect, but also, some great news is that I'm also working on a Matchu website, where old comics will be re-posted, and then new ones will eventually follow.

So yeah, just letting you folks know what's up.
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It'll go up Friday. Stay tuned

A tumblr just for PACs, with several that haven't been posted here on Deviantart. Please take a look.
I have created a Matchu TV Tropes page!…

But it's small and doesn't have many examples yet. Plus the description sucks. Can any of you tropers in the house help a guy out?
As of tonight, there are now 99 completed Matchu comics.
Sorry folks. Got behind schedule, so there won't be a comic today. See you on friday.

Would have said so yesterday, but you would have thought I was april foolin'.

I'm taking a break this week. I'm for some reason not up to it, and it'd be better not to force it. Sorry everybody.
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Many thanks to all for the Birthday wishes.
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So I've got a few to go until the 100th Matchu comic. I have a few strips written out but not drawn, and am in the process of figuring out their placement, then eventually, how I'm going to work on the 100th without starting another hiatus like last time I had a 100th strip to work on.

But then afterward, I don't want to jump into a new story right away, so I'm turning to you folks for help. What would you like to see? Send me an idea, premise or topic and I'll see if I can make anything out of it. If not, then well, tough shit.

EDIT: There are 86 posted strips total, so that leaves 13 left until the big milestone strip. and only two of those 13 are complete. They're all written out though. When these will all be done really varies, since I don't have a concrete time when I can sit down and make comics, though my spring break is coming up, so there's that. Given how long the 100th strip is planned to be, you folks should have plenty of time.
Sorry about no comic last Friday. Some real life shit got in the way that I won't get into.
Updates resume on Wednesday. Tuesday. Oops.
So I'm curious. (No I'm not looking for voice actors)

For those of you who read comics with voices in your head. How do you imagine the Matchu characters (plus Jamjars) sounding?

How I picture them sounding:
Matchu, I kinda just read him with my normal speaking voice, so really no way to tell you guys how I think he sounds. He sounds deep-ish  and apathetic/stoic.
Amber's kinda hard too. I just imagine a high voice, Maybe something like Twilight Sparkle?
Chu, I pray to high heaven that someday, should Matchu get a TV show or a movie or whatever, Chu is voiced by Weird Al Yankovic.
Famine, I guess like Lola from The Looney Tunes Show.…
Jamjars, I imagine him sounding like the Rabbids or the minions from Despicable Me, and when he isn't shouting AWW FUCK, he's babbling incomprehensibly like they do.
Lettering Guy. Senor Cardgage, no question.…
Lala, like Spongebob pre-movie, when his voice was deeper.
Wheezy, no idea. Help me out with this one.

So what do you guys think? How do you imagine my characters sounding if they had voices? It'd be interesting to hear your interpretations.
Oooooooooooookay. Is anyone else having problems uploading pictures today, or is it just the terrible internet where I am?

This is the worst possible day to have these problems. I'm incredibly sorry everybody. I'll keep trying, and will hopefully get the comic up later today. I hope I haven't let anyone down.

Again, don't get your hopes up TOO high. The first new comic will be very atypical, but fits the "TV Show" set up of the current story. It'll make sense, but don't expect super-fun-time with Matchu and friends until Friday. But you can trust me in that it's funny.

EDIT: Here it is! Enjoy:…
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Remember, Matchu fans (all three of you), the comics return in regular updates tomorrow morning!

A fair warning, however, the first new one will be sort of atypical. (As opposed to "Meh, Typical.")
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As you couldn't already tell, I'm still working my way out my slump. I have a reasonable number of strips finished, but it'll still be a while before I start posting them again, as I not only am busy with regular life stuff, but I want to get the storyline done and fiished before i resume updating.

I've been trying to improve lately, art wise and writing wise. So far I'm trying to make my art less stiff, work on anatomy (but not aiming for absolute perfection, since the cartoony stuff is still top priority.), and trying to develop my characters into more than punchline dispensers, Amber especially, who lacks any sort of personality at all.

So give me some pointers! About the stuff above, or anything else like character designs, the writing in the comics, techniuqes, and other crap.
And above all, please be polite about it. There's a difference between critique and saying it looks like shit. Thank you.
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Check it out, I'll be posting doodles from my school agendas from the past two years every day.
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So Matchu has been around for an entire year today.…
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Now that the requests are done, I'd like to direct you guys to three artists I think could deserve a little more attention.

First off, we have my good friend Cynthetic-Art :iconcynthetic-art:.
Cynth has an incredibly wide expanse of characters across several universes, to the point where I don't even know all of them. Her characters have interesting designs and personalities, and clearly have a lot of thought put into them.
Cynth doesn't make many comics, but what few comics she has are quite good. Her gallery consists mostly of sketches, with the occasional colored peice here and there.  The linework of her sketches is just that, sketchy, but she manages to make this work for her. The sketchy linework helps give her drawings a bit of personality and make her style more distinct. She doesn't do fanart all that often, meaning there's a metric ton of original material to see from her. As a bonus, she's also good with crafts like clay and sewing.
She's also recently won an Original Character Tournament with two of my favorites of her ensemble, Ximun and Hale.

Next up is 14kevinarsenault :iconeeyorbstudios:
Kevin has an adorably bouncy, cartoony art-style that is completely full of life. He has a few original characters, such as the cute-as-a-button Bristol, who I've drawn for him as a request.
Kevin draws a lot of tributes and fanart (Including two amazing pictures of Amber and Matchu respectively.), but in this case, thats a good thing. Kevin takes time out of his day to draw art for people who don't even know who he is, which is a very kind thing to do, making his gallery sort of a DeviantArt Hall of Fame. Plus, it's a lot of fun seeing farmiliar characters like Donald Duck and Marceliene The Vampire Queen in his style, along with being introduced to neat new characters. I do hope that people have found my work through his kind tributes to me.
It's also kind of amusing how he uses Donald Duck in his some of his artworks in a similar way to how I hide Osaka in my comic strips.

And last, we have AlanES :iconalanes:
Chances are you already know who this guy is, but if you don't, start knowing who he is right away! Alan has been a source of inspriation to me for a long time, ever since the olden days of Fireball20XL.  He's got a great style, a wit as sharp as a tack, and fun, colorful characters.
Not to mention, despite him not putting out as much as often as others do, his 9 year history gives you no shortage of things to look at. I mean it, this guy has hundreds of comics and artworks to look at. TRG, Fetch Quest, Samurai Pizza Cats COLD, Author Space, transformation art, sketches, fanart and about a bazillion commisions, you name it, he's got it. Al is currently working up to a new project called Rouge Neo, which is a reinvention of his characters, along with several new ones, in a new universe (though it's criminal to make the compairison, it's like how 'Chu and Kenny became Matchu.)
He frequently comments on my stuff, which ended up happening after I bugged him enough. Just wanted to sat sorry about that, Alan!